Neurorehabilitation clinic

Our neurehabiltation clinic offers comprehensive care for children with physical disabilities by supporting their needs in a holistic fashion.

The Armandi Therapy Clinic focuses on working with children with cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders to improve their condition and support their life journey. We have fully accredited and qualified staff utilising our modern facilities to pay attention to the individual needs of your child. Our clinic provides comprehensive care which supports your child to reach his or her full potential.

During our comprehensive and individual assessment when working with children, we assess their physical and mental abilities. Our qualified therapists specialize in TheraSuit concept using specific Hylton suits. The goal of both concepts is to establish and improve the correct patterns of movement that help your children to achieve independent sitting, kneeling, standing or walking.

Our BabyPegas therapy is intended for premature babies and our qualified and experienced physiotherapist provides advice about the development of the baby, including appropriate toys etc.

Our MiniPegas is a therapy catered for children from the age of 2 or older children who might find the TheraSuit program too difficult or they are too slim for the suit used for this programme.

We also offer Nutritional Therapy that focuses on the assessment of the current nutritional condition of your child and our therapist offers counselling and she will develop the appropriate plan to ensure the individual needs of your child are met.

VitalStim is a specific technique using neuromuscular tric stimulation for the treatment of dysphagia through muscle re-education. It provides stimulation of the motor nerves in the neck area while your child tries to develop the ability to swallow and contract the muscle.

Our Interactive Room offers the integration system supporting your child’s motivation to engage in active learning. This system provides specific rehabilitation games which are designed to develop logical thinking, perception, motor skills and patience in children with special needs.

There are also facilities such as MOTOmed available for your child during the physiotherapy sessions to practice and assist their growth for motor skills of the upper and lower part of the body.

All children can also attend Oxygen therapy sessions to support recovery after the challenging therapy or they can benefit from our Snoezelen multi-sensory room with different equipment specifically designed to stimulate all senses and provide extra support during the therapy.

We accept therapy booking without the recommendation from your doctor. If you decide to schedule an appointment with our doctor, an assessment will be conducted and therapy recommendation appropriate for your child will be provided.

  • We provide comprehensive care designed to meet your child’s individual needs.
  • Your child’s assigned therapist will not change during the therapy block
  • We offer accommodation discounts for our clients who reside outside of Prague.
  • Physiotherapy for adults and Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing almost pure oxygen in a small chamber.

How to book therapies at the clinic?

To book a date or get more detailed informations about our therapies and prices, please:

  • contact us on an email: or
  • use the postal address
    Nagano Park – Armandi Therapy Clinic
    U Nákladového Nádraží 8, 130 00 Prague

As part of our environmental commitment, we also plant a tree for every child who completes the rehabilitation programme at our clinic. Trees are planted around the whole Czech Republic in collaboration with and all our children receive the certificate with the information of where and when the tree was planted for them.